Cey-Bert's Restaurant Evaluation System and Gastronomy Critics Guide

 Restaurant evaluation system created by Robert Cey-Bert for the French Gastronomy Guide (Gault Millau) to rate and classify European Restaurants (Guide d'Europe 1999)


Restaurant, gastronomic value indicators                            Maximum points

 Atmosphere, comfort and aesthetics of the restaurant 10
 Quality of the menu and wine list 10
 Quality of the cover (tableware, etc.)      10
 Attitude of the personal  20
 Quality of the served food and drinks 50
Total 100


1. Atmosphere, comfort and aesthetics of the restaurant (max. 10 points)

- Aesthetics of the restaurants environment, entrance, aesthetics of the building
- Curtains, carpet, quality of decoration
- Flower decoration
- Light, inner colouristic
- Sound-proof
- Temperature (air-condition)
- Distance between tables
- Internal traffic
- Comfort
- Cleanness
- Cleanness of bathrooms, toilettes
- Style and comfort of bathrooms, toilettes
- Is there a separated room for guests who are waiting, bar
- Is there a menu in the waiting area, possibility to pre-order
- Atmosphere
- Music
- Quality of the guests, elegance, style
- Dress code (tie, jacket mandatory?)
- Attendance of the restaurant day, night

2. Quality of the menu and wine list (max. 10 points)

- Quality, readability, style, multi-lingual, monolingual
- Is there a menu without price for women, invited guests
- Breakdown of the menu, number of food available
- Food style on the menu: foreign, local, traditional, modern, provincial

Wine list
- Quality, readability, style
- Breakdown of the wine list, co-ordination, intelligibility
- Quality of the selection on the wine list, diversity

3. Quality of the cover (tableware, etc.)
- Quality of the table cloth, napkin
- Quality of the cover, style
- Decoration of the table
- Quality of the flower decoration, style
- Light on the table
- Is there a candle, aesthetics of the candlestick
- Arrangement of the wine glasses, quality
- Quality and style of cutlery, plates, dishes
- Salt, pepper holder, pepper grinder
- Is there any bread, is there a wide range of bread and bakery product
- Quality and freshness of bread and bakery products
- Is there any butter for the bread/bakery products and its quality
- Is there any “complimentary” fresh food before the order

4. Attitude of the personal (max 20 points)

- Quality of reception, friendliness towards arriving guests
- Style of reception, graciosity
- Escort to table, assistance of seating

- Manner and style of serving personal, friendliness, helpfulness, dress
- Is the main guest address by his/her name
- Is the head chef introduced
- Is the head chef recommending any specialties
- Is the serving personal (waiters) recommending any specialties, aperitifs
- Can the serving personal introduce and explain the dishes
- Awareness of the serving personal
- Will they ask for any preferred cooking, roasting, frying
- Will they show the fresh ingredients (vegetables, salads, fish, meat)
- Is there any smoking, non smoking area, are the ashtrays changed quickly
- Will there be recommended any cheeses, sweets, cigars, spirits, coffee and tea after the meal

Sommelier, wine steward and the served wines, drinks
- Knowledge and style of sommelier
- Will he/she recommend any wine for the food
- Is the opening and serving of the bottle appropriate
- Is the wine at the right temperature
- Will the sommelier leave the cork on the table and remove the empty bottle immediately and recommend a new one

Finishing of lunch/dinner

- The breakdown, punctuality and clarity of the bill
- Possibility to pay by credit card
- Length of billing
- Length and discrete return of change

Departure and farewell
- Taxi ordering, valet parking
- At departure who is greeting and shows out the guests (owner, head chef, head waiter, waiter)
- Friendliness and gracious bow

5. Quality of the served food and drinks (max. 50 points)

- The served food matches the description on the menu
- Aesthetic of serving, harmony of colours and forms, arrangement of aesthetic quality
- Right temperature of the dishes
- Freshness, quality and origin of ingredients of the food
- The right application of cooking-grilling, etc. technology (not over cooked, wrongly cooked)
- Quality consistency is full filled
- When creating the dishes were the dietary factors respected
- Aesthetic creativity
- The scent/smell of the food, quality of smell, scent
- Taste sensation, taste harmony as expected
- The effect of taste, texture the quality of the taste and harmony
Does the food provides tasting pleasure
Does the food provides something new, amazing harmony of taste
- Creativity of taste composition
- Food – drink quality and harmony
- Cheeses
Cheese presentation
Cheese selection, cheese quality
Accompanied bread selection and quality
- Sweets
Quality and selection
- Coffee, tea selection and quality

Summary        Points
Atmosphere, comfort and aesthetics of the restaurant  
Quality of the menu and wine list     
Quality of the cover (tableware, etc.)     
Attitude of the personal      
Quality of the served food and drinks