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A fantastic story, which takes us back to the ancient chronicles and the Hun-Hungarian mystical and legend full world, where Bátor Tengrikút, king of the Huns’ and on his side chief priest Bata, blue falcon Tórul, blue wolf Kökbű and the deer Boga are the main participants, they have to fight against the tricks and intrigues of the Chinese court and face the emperors mighty and frightful army. The existence and future of the Hun Empire is at stake.

„Life is a battle, and battle is the life, the Lord of the Sky’s blessing is only upon a nation which is able to make sacrifices for their future survival” – teachings of Bata Eskom, Hun chief priest. The author, Róbert Gyula Cey-Bert, led ancient explorations and conducted researches in Inner Mongolia, Uighur and to all the Chinese provinces, which used to be part of the Hun Empire.
The research has been expanded with the ancient Chinese Chronicles (Suma Qian), historical sources, facts and with the colourful imagination, rich symbolical world of the ancient Hun-Hungarian legends, where falcons, wolfs, deer and horses come to speak, the most faithful allies of Bátor Tengrikut. 
A wonderful, spiritual historical novel, which connects the ancient chronicles, legends and tales with the more than thousand years old Hungarian spirit, ancient pictures and symbolical values.
A compulsory book for every Hungarian, who is interested in the Hun-Hungarian ancient history, translated into a novel, a world full of mystery.
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Atilla a Hun üzenet


Attila a Hun üzenet

Cey-bert Róbert történelmi regénye
Püski 2012

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Atilla a Hun üzenet

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