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Dr. Robert Cey-Bert's book: The Tokaji Winegastronomy Nyomtatás E-mail
In the past ten years the aszu wines of Tokaji have been rescued from nearoblivion. No one who has tasted even the early products of the Tokaji Renessance in their youth can be in any doubt about the potential of what for two centuries was considered the greatest wine region on earth. Here are flavours and perfumes with no papallel elsewhere: wines of almost shocking drama, fragrance, penetration and persistence. So dim is the memory of their greatness, though, that legend is almost ali the information we have abaut them. We know the courts of Hungary. Austria, Russia, Poland and even France drank them as first choice. Yet today ihey are regarded as just another “sticky”: a sweet wine; therefore something for the dessert torlley.
Dr Cey-Bert knows better. He has studied Tokaji az a wine with infinite gastronomic possibilities. (I too have done the same in a small way, revealing in Japan for exampie astonishing matches with kaiseki dishes, in China with pork and duck; even in India with some of the riches of the Indian table.)
His book is most welcome in opening our eyes to great flavours left unexpiored for too long.
Hugh Johuson
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