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The first time I met Dr. Cey-bert was twenty-one years ago in Hong Kong when he came over to do a seminar regarding French wine and Chinese Cuisine. At that time, Dr. Ceybert has already shown his great interest in having a Hungarian Food Festival in Hong Kong. Now, after twenty-one years, his dream finally comes true.. .

 A traditional hungarian Fare will be held on 1/F, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong from today onwards, besides there will also be entertainment from the Palotas violin quartet. It only costs two hundred something each for the buffet together with the entertainment, it really worth trying.

Tokay and Goulasch, the Hungarian traditional wine and dishes have been very famous around the world; now there is another new star, Aszu Eszencia that is the one that can replace Siauterne to go together with the gooseliver, Foi Gras. Goulasch, the traditional Hungarian soup made of beef cube, onion as well as the red paprika is extremely delicious.

Hungarian Gnocchi may not be as well known as the spaghetti, but its tenderness together with the Hungarian specially cooked veal can out-class any Italian Pasta. When he came to Hong Kong last time, Dr. Cybert gave me Unicum, the Hungarian medicine wine that is made of around forty herbs by the Zwack family. The wine is good for appetite and health and maybe it is originated from China.

By William Mark 15 February 2001

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